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I’m available 24/7 to help you achieve your relationship goals. I’ve helped over 50,000 clients, and I believe everyone can find happiness in their relationships with some guidance from an experienced coach. No two relationships are the same, but you can make yours better, beginning with a clarity call.

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I support you individually in helping you connect with yourself more authentically and deepen your relationships.

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I specialize in helping couples at any stage of the relationship wanting to enhance and deepen their connection.

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I can support you in exploring more about your sexuality, gender identity, desires, and vulnerabilities around sex.

My Three Big Themes for Couples Therapy

Okay, so, when I say there are three big themes that influence couples therapy, I’m talking about friendship, conflict, and existential themes.

If you skimmed this whole thing without reading, just know that the couples therapy we do works on three large themes; friendship, conflict, and existential topics. We love it all. As per usual, I got much wordier than I intended. And as per usual, reach out with questions, thoughts, feedback, and insight.


Short version is that there is no successful relationship without a foundational aspects of friendship. This creates the foundation (quite literally) for your whole relationship. And it ties in with the next two big things, but it stands alone and that it is it’s own entity.


Quite literally, I could talk for hours about conflict. I’ll spare you that and summarize by saying that successful relationships have conflict. Period. And that’s not an issue in and of itself. The important thing is how we engage in conflict with our partner. That is the teeniest tiniest nutshell version of explaining this whole theme. There’s so much more that goes into it, but it’s way too much to get into it a blog post (or in this blog post, at least). Ultimately, it's how you engage in conflict and not that it exists that is important.

Existential Themes

I’m fairly existential at heart, so this is (not so secretly, at this point) one of my favorite pieces of couples therapy. Long and short of it is that we get to create meaning within our relationship. Boom. I love it so much I’m getting excited even typing about it (this is what my face looks like right now ->😁😁😁).


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I strive to help you transform your relationship into a successful one through our expert relationship advice, counseling and therapy We build solid relationship with our clients as all clients are important to us and all problem is being set on a high level of priority.

Book your first session and start changing your beliefs Now and Get 20% Discount Off!

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